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Surge Tanks for Fluid-Handling Applications

If your pool, cooling tower or fluid-handling system requires an overflow system that utilizes surge tanks for modulating fluid level, Seelye-Eiler can provide tanks and monitoring for your application.

For a corrosion-resistant, watertight and non-toxic tank that is designed to withstand full and empty load conditions, we have the experience and fluid-handling knowledge to design and build your specialty water-in-transit tank.

For pools, water control from the gutters into a surge tank prevents backup into the pool. Tank capacity is dependent on local code officials.

The polypropylene surge tank shown here features stainless steel side girths for maximum strength, multiple inlet and outlet ports, gasketed manway for access to inside, and sight glass to monitor levels.

We can incorporate features such as:

  • Stainless Reinforced Side Girths for Additional Strength

  • Sight Glass

  • Butterfly Valve Controls

  • Watertight Manways

  • Multiple Couplings and Flanges

  • Electronic Sensors and Flow Meters

  • Level Controls

  • Easy Access, With Locking or Tool-Operated Lid

  • Bottom Drain

  • Stainless Steel Hardware

  • PVC or Polypropylene Construction

  • Free-Standing or Below-Grade Installation


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