Seelye-Eiler partners with several industry-leading suppliers of tanks to meet many standard liquid storage and containment needs in common sizes. Advantages of utilizing a standard tank include lower cost and industry certifications, however, if your application is more demanding, requires special features and accessories, or a special size, a custom tank from Seelye may be the answer. 


Standard Tanks are listed in Bold

  • Open top tanks

  • Water tanks

  • Bulk storage tanks

  • Spill Containment

  • Process vessels

  • Batch Tanks

  • Dual wall tanks

  • Cone bottom tanks

  • Horizontal tanks

  • Chemical injection tanks

  • Rectangular tanks

  • UV-resistant outdoor construction

  • FDA-compliant

  • Surge tanks


Seelye can also fabricate a wide range of custom tanks from a wide range of materials with optional features to fit your specific application:

  • Expert plastic welders and machinists fabricate our tanks to exacting standards

  • Tanks are designed and built to meet the size and shape requirements for each project

  • Select from a variety of accessories from vents to bulkhead fittings

  • Fluid processing options include piping, pumps, filters, and connections

  • Choose from many tank support and stand designs


  • Vents

  • Stainless Reinforced Side Girths for Additional Strength

  • Sight Glass

  • Butterfly Valve Controls

  • Watertight Manways

  • Multiple Couplings and Flanges

  • Electronic Sensors and Flow Meters

  • Level Controls

  • Easy Access, With Locking or Tool-Operated Lid

  • Steel stands/supports

  • Bottom Drain

  • Stainless Steel Hardware

  • PVC or Polypropylene Construction

  • Free-Standing or Below-Grade Installation

  • Additional Flanges

  • Bulkhead fittings

  • Siphon tubes

  • Top fill line assembly


  • CPVC


  • FEP


  • PETG

  • PFA

  • Polycarbonate

  • Polyethylene

  • Polypropylene

  • PTFE

  • PVC

  • PVDF