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Custom Cabinets for Specialty Industries

Our engineers will partner with you to define your specific cabinet requirements and make

recommendations based on our extensive experience with plastics assembly and processing.

We can also provide 3D modelling and Solidworks integration of your CAD files as needed.

Seelye-Eiler has Produced Cabinets for a variety of Uses Including:

• Chemical processing

• Laboratories

• Medical

• Water treatment

• Clean rooms

• Specialty manufacturing environment

We can Incorporate Features Such as:

• Chemical-resistant construction

• Exhaust fans and custom air flow duct-work

• Laminar flow cabinets and hoods

• HEPA filters

• Protective polycarbonate doors

• Containment basins

• Pump stations

• Wet processing and cleaning stations

• Custom fitting and drain configurations

• Gas blanketing


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