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Circuit Chemistry Plating Tank
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Circuit Chemistry Equipment offers custom built equipment for various wet processing industries. Our design team works with you from the initial concept to the final product, and designs to your exact process and product specifications. Not only are we an original equipment manufacturer, but we are also a distributor for many individual components. If your company has a preference regarding a specific manufacturer, model of pump, heater, instrumentation, etc., CCE will use those items in our design. Our goal is to provide you with a simple, durable, and cost effective product that will provide years of service.



This compact, self-contained, vertical spraying station features easy top loading of a 25” diameter process fixture.  Spray is applied to each side of the fixture by front and rear manifolds.  The pressure for each spray manifold is individually controlled with a diaphragm valve. Complete coverage is accomplished with the use of cone-spray nozzles along with rotary and vertical motion.  

Standard Features Include:

  • View window to monitor performance

  • Polypropylene construction for chemical resistance

  • Easy access to filtration bags

  • 25 gallon sump capacity

  • PTFE heater with digital temperature control  

  • Speed control for rotary motion

  • Low level protection

  • Safety Interlock for lid

Available Options:

  • Spray chamber light

  • Cooling coil

  • Stainless steel is standard (wetted metal components optional)

  • Additional process fixture

Photo of a Circuit Chemistry Vertical Lab Processor

Circuit Chemistry Equipment can design and build specialty tanks for your wet processing needs. Fabricated tanks and plumbing are available in a range of materials that are compatible with your process chemistry including polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC/CPVC or PVDF.  Stainless steel or encapsulated steel support girths provide additional stability as needed.

Add Components Such As:

  • Immersion heaters,  cooling coils, digital temperature controls,
    low level protection

  • Pumps and filtration chambers

  • Anodes, cathodes, process baskets and work bars

  • Rectifiers for electrolytic plating 

  • pH and conductivity controls

  • Solenoid valves, flow meters

  • Air and solution sparging systems

  • Mechanical agitation systems with variable speed

  • Tank ventilation (under the lip design, or push/pull)


Extend the life of potassium permanganate etch back and desmear processes with a compact EPR module.  By eliminating solids and sludge buildup,  your process line can run longer and more efficiently, reducing costly chemical consumption. 


  • Wetted materials; HDPE, UHMW, copper, and stainless steel

  • Power requirement: 6VDC, 150amp power supply for each unit (not included)

  • Dimensions: 3” x 6” x 24’

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